Opening 5th November 2015 from 6pm till 9pm
Duration of the show: 5th November till 23rd December 2015

Applied arts from Japan

Arts and crafts go together in Japan. There is not one without the other. Applied arts from Japan are a delight for the senses. Micheko Gallery has been dedicated since its inception to introduce the full range of arts from Japan to a discerning crowd of art lovers all over the world. Our last exhibition for this year will bring you ceramics, metal, glass and lacquer art and much more for your own pleasure, but also as a perfect gift idea for the upcoming festivities.

Ohako can be roughly translated into English with the term specialty. However, in Japanese, this term describes the perfection in the craftsmanship that goes into a work of art. Our artists are very busy in Japan and exhibit at renowned galleries for applied arts. Despite their high profile at home, most of them show their works for the first time in Europe.

Objects of applied art must also be touched and seen in their true dimensions. A photograph, as well as it might have been taken, cannot replace the real thing. We are therefore looking forward to seeing you soon at our gallery. We will be delighted to bring you closer to the world of Japanese arts.