The works of Orie Inoue are a dreamlike reinterpretation of the natural world, from which she collects elements, which she then transforms with poetry and humor to recreate strange, hybrid, graceful and delicate life forms.

The artist plays with our perception and solicits our imagination, drawing inspiration from what can deceive our discernment in the real world, such as the forms of mimesis and pareidolia.

Thus, by giving new life to these almost insignificant plots of life, Orie Inoue seeks above all to reveal to us the alliance of strength and fragility, the creativity and mysteries of the living world, and why not, making us smile and dream, she invites us to meditate on our relationship with the latter.

Text by Laurent Dumond

Opening: Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 from 3pm till 9pm.
Duration: March 9th till 18th, 2017