Tomohide Ikeya, the photographer, who has gained international recognition through his series BREATH, is now exhibiting at Micheko gallery for the fourth time. This is a tribute to his popularity as an artist, his artistic diversity and his continuous efforts to explore and cross the boundaries between photography and painting.

This time, Ikeya’s works are accompanied by Kenichi Asano’s contemporary Nō masks, which enter into a dialogue with the photographs of the WAVE series.

Kenichi Asano and Tomohide Ikeya did not know each other personally, but liked the art of the other artist. When they had an exhibition in New York in the same time period in 2016, they visited each other’s exhibition, but still could not meet. All the more so, both artists were enthusiastic when they received the offer from Micheko to exhibit together.

Both artists explore the universal theme of emotions, with the individual being exposed to her destiny and the forces of nature, no matter how much we try to tame Mother Nature. In addition, Ikeya’s pictures and Asano’s masks tell a lot about the soul and archetypes of Japan.

Opening: Thursday, June 29th 2017 from 6pm till 9pm. The artists will be present.
Duration: June 30th till July 29th, 2017