Under the common theme of „Mass“, the German word for „measure“, South Korean Sungho Cho and Japanese Akiko Kurihara and Fumiki Taguchi present their latest jewellery art at Micheko Gallery during SCHMUCK days 2014 in Munich.

Sungho CHO about his „Mass“ series: „I tried to use plywood in my jewellery work, a comparatively cheap material, which we use in construction and carpentry, to create an object with a totally new ability, different from the one before. Nevertheless, on one hand I still want to use the metric system of measurement, a typical thing of industrial society, we haven’t yet absorbed in our traditional views of the jewellery world.“

Akiko KURIHARA surprises her aficionados with new creations, such as “100 directions”, a collection of 100 pins of different shapes (directions). Another new work, called „S“, is composed by a group of one hundred identical “S”-shapes. Each piece has a serial number, but they have an identical shape. By combining each piece, one can create a necklace or bracelet of ones favourite length. See more interpretations of chemical combinations in form of jewellery art at the exhibition.

Fumiki TAGUCHI explains that he simply found a very personal interpretation of the theme of measurement units. However, he wanted his works to be the opposite of stereotypes. One work for instance reverses the concept of „big = heavy, small = light“. Taguchi is the winner of the renowned Herbert Hofmann Prize 2013.