Jewelry – Art form and Personal Enjoyment

26. February 2021|

It is time for jewelry art to find its recognition among the broader strata of society. Wearable art is an exceptional contribution to the democratization of art and its dissemination and acceptance among all strata of the population.

Dan Sha Ri

5. February 2021|

Minimalism is a trend these days, and it may be fading. There was minimalism in the arts once too.

Windows in Art

26. January 2021|

As you know, there are quite a few works in the world that have windows [...]

Diary mania

31. December 2020|

A diary is a real reflection of one’s personality Today is the last day of [...]

Windows in art

9. December 2020|

The marvels of art are found in the details As you know, there are [...]

Art that sells

5. December 2020|

I wonder if all the research in pinning down what art sells better than other [...]

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