Natsuki Otake, an artist captured by the glitter of idols. From her childhood, Otake has been fascinated by the sparkle of eyes like the dazzling stars, seen in idols’ eyes and those of heroines in girls’ comics. Those have affected everything in her life from drawing manga to start with, down to glitter pens and her diary filled with richly colored decoration parts.

While she was in Tama Art University, she started to express those as an art. An encounter with batik, a traditional technique good in recreating brightness and chromaticness, enabled her to acquire the expression of matching the pieces of slik together. At last, she gained her own way to express the girl’s fragile beauty. The most notable feature of Otake’s work is bluish white brilliancy like high-intense liquid crystal and its two-dimensional clearness created by the reflection of the silk.