Chika Osaka



Chika Osaka


Opening: 11th September 2015, 7pm till 9pm

Duration: 12th September till 31st October 2015

Chika Osaka, born in 1984, is one of Japan’s most popular emerging lithographers and water color artists. Her exhibitions are always sold out. Her participation at the group show „Kizuna“ in autumn 2013 at Micheko Gallery was her first opportunity to show her works outside of Japan. The Munich audience was taken by Osaka’s subtle humour and the power spreading from her works.

Chika Osaka views her art as a declaration of love to the ordinary people who face with dignity the banality and more than often boredom of everyday life. In this manner Chika Osaka creates works rich in detail and full of humour, which pull the viewers into the picture, regardless of their cultural background and nationality.

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